The Ecological Meal

The Ecological Meal

The Ecological Meal

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To prepare the ecological meal I invited 3 friends to come home and bring something that they know came from local producers and they already have at home ( they couldn't buy anything). The challenge was to create a delicious meal with we all brought together. When they got home we had a look at what we had and then we decided to make a courgette spaghetti with tomato sauce and local cheese. It was a really nice experience and we learnt many things with that:

-How small actions could have big impact, we have to pay more attention about what we buy and what we eat.

-It's not necessary use too much money to have a good dinner and have fun.

-we can be creative and  do nice things with we already have in our community.

In the end, we were asking ourselves about how much we know our local producers and how many interesting things happening beside us but we couldn't see because we are looking too much outside or we are too much worrying about to do the same things in the same way. 

Definitely, it was a amazing experience.

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I like that you took on this activity!

Very inspiring to read how you did it.