The Ecological Meal

Ecological meal

Ecological meal

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Group of 3 people(me and my 2 best friends).

-the menu was simple potato chips, cheese ,green salad(lettuce and cucumber) and rice and spinach stew.

-the Ingredients  :

 the potatoes are from my parents village farm(they grow different type of vegetables and fruits  just for the family-some kind of eco farm), and we are goring them, and use them ,and not buying potatoes form the market.

  - the cheese - from a cheese factory(small factory farm)(not from the market)- 50 km away from out city. It is a small factory, and it is a family factory, and my cousin(who happens to be a food processing engineer, approved that cheese :D).

- the salad and the cucumbers  was bought from bazaar, the person who was selling it said that the salad is from a garden 35 km away from the city. Cucumbers is from a locals.

-rice- that was bought from a market,  and the company is 35 km away from my city, and the rice is from the rice fields in that area. it is an eco company

-spinach- garden spinach, from my parents farm/garden 

Talking about ecological meal it is not a completely  new  form/way of eating to me. I must say that living in a small city can give a totally different way of making and enjoying the food. That kind of eating and preparing the food is everyday thing for me, with buying food from the marked as rare as possible.

I will continue to do that in the future :D