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How much do we know about ourselves, other people and the world? What could be the best tool to explore these dimensions? Could we explore them with our bodies? Through movement and moments of stillness, through physical exercise, through contact with other creatures and all the senses that our bodies have, we explore the world. Rushing through life, we forget how much our bodies can give us.

Our bodies collect, process and store information, not separated from the mind but in an active and dynamic connection with it. All the things which we cannot put into words can be felt with our bodies, as long as we are able to focus on our senses.

“Soma” means “body” and SomaMove is dynamic learning through the movement of the body. This activity brings focus to the body and its senses, allowing us to explore ourselves and the world around us. Especially for all who have not explored yet the magic of the body!

Dance. Run. Bike. Breathe. Touch. Sense. Feel. Feel! 

Activity Type

Individual (it can be in a group also) / Experiential


At least 3 weeks

Learning Outcomes

  • To get to know our body’s potential

  • To improve our physical, mental and emotional health

  • To learn how to balance mind and body dynamics


Required Materials and Tools:

Only your time and enthusiasm


We all are different. In this activity, all people should find a physical way to express themselves and feel the dynamics of the body movement. It can be dance, contact improvisation, 5 rhythms, biodanza, yoga, tai chi, acrobatics, capoeira or even just running or biking. The main idea is to make the body move, focus on the feeling and what happens to the thoughts.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. For starters, research the above-mentioned activities. Each activity has its strengths and specifics, each develops different sides of your personality.

  2. Choose which activity will become your personal Somamove. Don’t think too much about preferences but about fears. What have I been afraid of to try? What are the activities which could potentially open my horizons more? Check what contact improvisation, 5 rhythms, biodanza, yoga, tai chi, acrobatics and capoeira mean, also keep in mind running and biking. Do not be afraid of trying out new things but also be open to explore things that you have already tried out from a new point of view.

  3. Check what opportunities are available in the place around: are there any classes on the above-mentioned activities that could be attended? Or maybe online courses which could be done personally or with a group of friends? Make a schedule of the activities and be ready for new exciting moments!

  4. Right before the session starts, focus on the thoughts and feelings - what is alive in me? During the physical activity, whether it's dance or running or anything else, focus completely on the body -- what does my arm, my feet, my stomach feel? How do my bones move in the space? Be in close contact with your own body throughout the whole session, acknowledging how it flows with the movement.

  5. During the session, imagine the energy moving through the muscles, going from one part of the body to another or splitting over the whole organism.   

  6. Right after the end of the session, make notes of the thoughts and feelings alive at that moment. It can be related to the physical state but it can also bring awareness about other aspects of life.

  7. Continue doing the activity for at least 3 weeks. Make notes whenever strong feelings or thoughts arise.  



After 3 weeks, read through the notes:

  • What changed in relation to the activities comparing to the time before doing them?

  • What did the practices and activities bring to your life?

  • What changed in terms of the relations to yourself and other people around? What interesting ideas came to mind during the sessions?

Instructions for Submission

Submit a brief feedback on your experience. What activities were tried out and what they brought to life. Try to encompass answers to the reflection questions above or write freely on the impressions on the practices. Instructions on how to upload photos or how to submit things in Moodle can be found here: Instructions on Submission&Uploading

Instructions for Assessment

Provide feedback to at least one participant that has done this activity. Instructions on providing feedback can be found here: Instructions on Feedback

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